Cayenne Pepper Cure Stomach Ulcers

Most people are just so busy understanding the effect of taking cayenne pepper cleansing still do not know what is a cayenne pepper it was what a lot of people who have used it are doing, simply take the goodness yet never port usually understand whats on this matter sufficient knowledge should easily be known before taking it and then you can know better how it actually works in your body. Knowing things that could affect the body and health should be promptly noted so that, in the case of some negative reactions you learn to fight over it and the appropriate remedy immediately.

If you suffer from a peptic or duodenal ulcer, the last thing you might consider is cayenne pepper hot. This goes against everything you've ever heard of what aggravates the ulcer, the facts are that most "spicy" foods do exactly the opposite. Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper) may reduce pain which acts as a local anesthetic to the ulcer and stomach tissue can also help control bleeding in the stomach.

Some individuals may be disturbed by eating "Red Pepper" or spicy food, these foods don't cause the formation of stomach ulcers in normal people. An interesting note is that people who suffer from ulcers usually avoid cayenne pepper, in reality these people can actually benefit from its therapeutic action.

Taking Capsicum can significantly reduce the risk of developing a peptic ulcer. Chinese study published in 1995 said: "our data support the hypothesis that the Chile used a protective effect against peptic ulcerous disease." 1

Another study in 1995 found that Capsicum can also protect the lining of the stomach aspirin-induced ulcers. 2 aspirin can cause stomach ulcer in some individuals, or when taken with a little water or fruit juice. The researchers concluded after experimenting with human volunteers that the capsaicin content of capsicum has a definite gastro-protective effect on the mucous membranes of the stomach. 3 18 healthy volunteers with normal gastrointestinal mucosa took Chile and water followed by 600 mg of aspirin and water. The study was conducted over a period of four weeks. Endoscopy results showed that intake of 20 grams of Chile before aspirin definitely demonstrated a protective action on Capsicum. 4 stomach lining has the ability to reconstruct the tissue of the stomach.

Capsicum has the ability to bring blood to the regions of tissue at a faster rate boosts the assimilation of foods that are consumed with it. 5 several clinical studies support this phenomenon. Capsicum is thought to stimulate the release of substances which increase secretions of the stomach and intestines, more may increase the abundance of blood to the stomach and intestines. 6 in fact, Capsicum can increase the flow of digestive secretions from salivary glands, gastric and intestinal.


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  3. What causes ulcers are the enzymes excreted by a bacterium in the stomach known as Helicobacter Pylori, not acidic causes like once thought. The enzymes attack your stomach lining and the Capsicum/Capsaicin in hot peppers (what makes the peppers hot) is what FORCES your body to provide additional stomach lining protection, as discussed in the Article above, which reinforces the stomach lining, providing protection against ulcers or curing them and most hot peppers, if not all, will prevent ulcers or cure them. So adding hot peppers to your diet is a MUST.

    Also, killing the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria with antibiotics or the likes to “cure” ulcers will cure ulcers but the end result is a lifelong Lactose Intolerance patient, since the enzyme excreted by Helicobacter Pylori is NECESSARY for digesting dairy products properly. Whereas, once-upon-a-time it was thought your intestines excreted the enzyme but the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria in your stomach is where the enzyme comes from, they just didn’t know about the bacteria nor did they look anywhere else for the source of the enzyme. Therefrom, the CURE for Lactose Intolerance is simply adding the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria to your stomach and then adding hot peppers to your diet to offset the enzyme the bacteria will excrete, so as to not end-up with ulcers.

    Also, Ulcerative Colitis is nothing more than a Lactose Intolerant person who's still eating dairy, and simply adding Helicobacter Pylori bacteria to their stomachs will cure it but there’s a form of Colitis that's caused by a bacterial infection in the intestines, most likely the Colon, which is EASILY cured by adding the following to each meal: 1 Tube of Probiotics & 1000mg pectin (apple or blackberry). Add the probiotics to a glass of non-citrus fruit juice, like a pomegranate-blackberry 100% fruit juice blend (which I recommend) but do not use apple juice, and take the pectin with the juice first, just before you eat your meal, that way everything will mix equally. Do that for a full 7-days to make sure to kill all of the foreign bacteria, so the squirts do NOT return (heaven forbid). I call it a “Probiotic Armor Coated Turd fix” (PACT fix), since the Probiotics will proliferate in the mix and the pectin will keep your stool semi-solidified, instead of liquefied diarrhea, forming a Probiotic Armor Coated Turd and the foreign bacteria can’t get through the Probiotics to get the nutrition they need so they die from starvation, and I call the intestinal bacterial infection form of Colitis a “Foreign Bacterial Infection up-the-butt” (FBI up-the-butt). Also, adding Pectin (apple or blackberry) to your diet is a MUST and for MANY reasons, especially in helping to prevent certain cancers.

    There may be another form of Colitis that requires a different fix than those two but I haven’t bumped into it yet but once I do, I will be able to figure-out how to get rid of it NATURALLY and without a doctor bill, because there are Natural Cures for EVERYHING, we just haven’t bumped into all of them yet.

    I enjoyed the Article greatly! Thanks! :)

    Ribbit :D

    Ps: Sorry about all of the earlier posts and deleting them. I had to fix some errors/typos. ;)

    1. I need to add that when adding Helicobacter Pylori bacteria to your stomach to CURE Lactose Intolerance, be sure to pre-stage your stomach by eating hot-hot-hot peppers an hour before adding the bacteria and have a Flaming Toad ready to down, when the cramps start or 15 minutes after downing the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria or whichever comes first. One of the Researchers, that proved the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria was the CAUSE of Stomach Ulcers, he personally downed about 100 of the bacterium to see what would happen and shortly afterwards, he experienced severe stomach cramps, which hot peppers would have relieved the cramping but they didn’t know about the secret of hot peppers at that time, so he suffered instead.

      Flaming Toad Recipe:

      1 ounce of High Quality 100+ proof Potato Vodka (Stoli’s (100 proof) or UV-103 (103 proof) or the likes)
      1 ‘short’ ounce of Carrot or Spinach Juice
      1 Habanero Pepper minced (or similar)
      2 one ounce Shot Glasses

      Mix well the minced Habanero with the Carrot/Spinach Juice and fill a shot glass with the mixture and fill the other shot glass with just the Vodka, then situate the shot glasses where the Vodka is in your PRIMARY hand and the ‘Hot Sauce’ in your other hand. Then down the ‘Hot Sauce’ first, while trying to bypass your tongue as much as possible, then follow it IMMEDIATELY with the shot of Vodka. If you do it right, you won’t feel ANY hot in your mouth WHATSOEVER but if you happen to screw-up and your mouth gets hot, then pour another shot of Vodka and use it as mouthwash and swish it around in your mouth for a few seconds, until the hot dissipates, then send it down the gullet too.

      The Vodka is loaded with sugars and the sugar helps to Neutralize the Hot of the Peppers and the Alcohol part rinses/washes the pepper oils out of your mouth, to the point if you do it right, you won’t feel a bit of heat in your mouth but about 5 seconds after it hits your stomach, you WILL feel the heat but it won’t hurt, it feels REALLY-REALLY-REALLY good. It’s the Bar Drink with the GREATEST aftereffect and it’s excellent to drink just before a meal. The Alcohol cleans-off your tongue nicely and your food tastes a whole lot better, plus, it aids in improving the health of your entire Digestive System and it’s better for making your food taste better than MSG and without the adverse effects that MSG has, but MSG mixed in water does happen to be great for a mouthwash before a meal but you do NOT want to ingest MSG.

      You can substitute Hot Sauce for the Carrot/Spinach Juice or just use Hot Sauce instead of making your own Hot Sauce with the recipe but do NOT use a Hot Sauce with Xanthan Gum in the ingredients, since Xanthan Gum easily qualifies as Soylent Green, because Xanthan Gum it’s nothing short of Bacterial Poop and it’s been doing GREAT HARM to you and you have the USDA and FDA to thank for that “CRAP” since the USDA is the one that developed it and the FDA approved it for human consumption, without PROPER testing, but once it’s REMOVED from the Food and Feed Chain here shortly AND a PROPER Study follows, that’s when they’ll find-out EXACTLY what it’s been doing to you for the past 50 years, that they’ve been feeding that CRAP to you.

      Xanthan Gum is one of the ingredients found in MANY Processed Foods and many present-day Nutritionists have been disclaiming Processed Foods and warning you to stay away from them and ONE of the reasons happens to be Xanthan Gum, it’s just the Nutritionists haven’t caught that Xanthan Gum is partly to blame for the ‘why’ but NOT the sole cause. It’s truly amazing what the FDA has approved for Human consumption, lil-lone Animal consumption!

      Present-day Doctors = overeducated IDIOTS

      “Nothing interferes with my learning [of the truth] more than my formal [government led] education.” - Albert Einstein

      “Everything’s Refractal, Inversely.” (Open System LAW of EVERYTHING) - Old Toad Proverb

      “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them Fairy Tales.” - Albert Einstein

      Ribbit :)